Thanks for visiting the Texas Coalition for Affordable Insurance Solutions Web site. As the director of TCAIS, I want you to know we’ve designed our site with you in mind. We know Texans are understandably concerned about rising insurance rates; TCAIS members share these same concerns. We believe we can make Texas better by advocating real solutions to the underlying issues contributing to increasing insurance premiums.

You can help improve insurance in Texas — and the first step is learning the facts about how insurance works, and what can be done to help make the market more stable and rates more reasonable.

I strongly encourage you to sign up for the emails and other communications we’ll be sending out in the future. We will keep you up-to-date and give you the latest information on emerging insurance issues. And of course, we’ll be updating this site frequently, too, so be sure to bookmark it and check in often.

At TCAIS, our goal is to bring together anyone who holds a stake in insurance issues — which is just about everyone — so together, we can find solutions that will improve insurance affordability and accessibility in Texas.

Beaman Floyd,

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