– Jan. is the busiest month for burglaries in Texas –

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Texas has the most severe weather in the country - but severity is only part of the story. Texas disasters come from a wide variety of events that are all too frequent (in fact Texas has exposure to nine different types of natural disasters – the most among any state in the country).

In terms of profit and loss, homeowners insurance in Texas has been a very difficult business. Because of the large loss risk in Texas, it is critical to provide a regulatory structure that encourages companies to do business here.

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Risk Mitigation

In 2015, Texas led the nation with 466,250 claims totaling more than $3.2 billion in insured losses from 16 catastrophic events, not including major flooding that likely amounted to hundreds of millions of additional claim dollars.

While we can’t control the weather, there are a number of things Texans – from individual homeowners to statelegislators – can do both before and after a storm hits to protect lives, lessen storm damage, reduce insurance claims and save money.

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Hail Claims Abuse

While Texas homeowners dread the sound of hailstones hammering their roofs, in recent years it’s become music to the ears of unscrupulous trial lawyers and others looking to make big bucks at the expense of Texans across the state and their insurance companies.

A certain amount of dispute in the insurance claims system is inevitable. Nevertheless, policymakers should continue to examine this issue and make public policy improvements where possible.

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